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Meet Work It! Instructors

Since 2012, Work It! Studio on U Street has worked to create an inviting space where

competent and enthusiastic instructors will inspire you to let loose while getting fit.


Wanda aka "WandaWoman” is a fitness expert, dancer, choreographer, and motivational speaker.  She is nationally certified in Aerobic Fitness, Pilates, Personal Training, and Nutrition. For over 30 years, she has provided professional group fitness program management and personal training services for health clubs, corporations, government agencies, public and private schools, and churches in the Washington D.C.  Wanda was voted DC‘s Best Aerobic Fitness Leader by Washington Post People’s Choice and City Paper’s Best Dance Fitness Instructor.   


Sherri is a avid biker, biking to and from work daily. As well as a dancer, choreographer and AFAA Certified Group Fitness Instructor. Her passion is dancing. As a result, she keeps fit and happy, and she encourages others to seek dance as a form of exercise for the body and spirit, and to stay healthy.


Jennifer is a certified Piloxing® Instructor.  She has been teaching in the DC Metropolitan area for over a year.  Her background as an actress, dancer, and singer brings passion and energy into her classes.


Margo is a certified Zumba instructor and has been teaching in the greater Washington DC area for many years. She follows a more traditional approach by incorporating a wide variety of international forms (bachata, belly dance, capoeira, cumbia, hip-hop, merengue, pop, reggaeton, salsa, samba, soca, etc).  A favorite “Margoism” is “Zumba is like life. You get out of it what you put into it…so don’t cheat yourself.”


Kaydee Dahlin is a Health and Wellness Coach and group exercise leader with more than 10 year’s experience of designing and implementing programs throughout the Middle East and Haiti in women empowerment and civil society. Kaydee left Corporate America, got married, had a baby, and decided she had enough and wanted to spend time with her family and pursue her dream. Kaydee is also a dancer and an athlete who has taught yoga, spinning, belly dancing and studied Oriental dance with the world's top teachers in the Middle East. She is passionate about movement and exercise and seeking to lead fun and inspiring classes that uplift the mind, body and spirit to help participants become strong, fit and confident.


Kirstan Fuller, a Certified Zumba Instructor, has a degree in Family Science and graduated from the University of Maryland. She first started teaching Zumba in New Jersey where she volunteered at local community centers.  She's also a trained dancer in Jazz, Ballet, Modern, Tap, and Hip Hop.  Her goal is to help people build confidence, self-esteem, and express their feelings through dance.


Denise is Work It! Studio's Assistant Manager and available to answer any questions you may have!  A native Washingtonian, Denise started dancing at the age of four years old at the Bernice Hammond's Northeast Academy of Dance where she studied ballet. She studied Theater Arts and Dance under LaVerne Reed at Howard University and served as President of Black Theater Guild and Inter-Club Council chairperson, numerous concerts for the Dance and Theater Department at Santa Monica College.


Delvin is a Certified Personal Trainer that specializes in Ultimate Conditioning, Boot Camp and Small Group Training.  Delvin's motto is "No Equipment Needed, Just Your Own Body Weight."


Kelsey has been dancing since she was a kid focusing on the Hip Hop, Jazz and Modern dance forms. She minored in dance while studying in Oregon, and has choreographed, and competed extensively since the age of 16. Her passion is Hip Hop - both performance and street styles. After studying in East Africa, Kelsey developed an interest in African dance forms. More recently, she has taken an interest in the Afro-cuban, Dancehall, and Raggajam styles and has taught at various studios in Salt Lake City, Portland, and now D.C. She likes to incorporate cardio fitness into her dances, so that attendees feel like they are getting a good workout and that is how she found Work It!


Janine is Certified Pilates Mat Instructor, innovative health coach and wellness enthusiast.  She is an educator with proven success in implementing unconventional strategies for integrating wellness-promoting habits into daily activities.  A Change Agent with an ability to cultivate healthy practices and thought patterns in those seeking change for a healthier lifestyle.


Regan is a Designer/Lifestyle Specialist, dancer, mother and wife living in Washington, DC. She has been practicing and teaching various forms of exercise over the last 15 years. She found her calling and passion to share Belly Dance, an ancient and elegant art form. “I feel my most free and feminine when I dance, I think every woman should find something in their life that makes them feel that way."


Tiacoh is a certified Tai Chi Instructor and trained in Qigong, a traditional Chinese healing art. Tiacoh is a gifted teacher, musician, and recording artist who was based in Paris, France for over twenty years. Through his travels to China, Nepal, Indonesia, and Thailand as a performing artist, he discovered his passion for T’ai Chi. Since he was 14 years old he also received martial arts training (Tae Kwon Do and other Chinese Martial Arts).  


A native of the Washington Metropolitan area, Siobhan Kelly is a Certified Power Flow Vinyasa instructor (RTY 200 hour).  A former champion Irish-step dancer, an avid runner, marathoner and can be frequently seen running on the National Mall.  However, she knew she needed something to counter balance years of hard stress on her knees and joints. This is what led her to teach Mind-Body exercise classes.   Siobhan has also taught stretching, mat pilates and breathing techniques. She looks forward to leading students towards a deeper level of physical fitness,healthy lifestyle and mental peace.


Sarah has danced from the time she was 3 years old, and has been a member of Work It! Studio since June 2013. Sarah first fell in love with Zumba as a way to stay fit during her college years, and is thrilled to now bring her love of Zumba to the DMV at Work It! Sarah is trained in ballet, hip hop, African dance, dancehall, and Latin rhythms. Expect to find a little
taste of these many styles in her Saturday class, with an emphasis on today's popular Latin beats.


Kovia is a public health specialist with a background in exercise physiology and sports nutrition.  A lover of being active any way she can, she incorporates biking, dancing, yoga, and urban hiking into her daily life.


Andre is a certified Personal Trainer and Group Exercise Instructor. He has been certified through the American Council on Exercise (A.C.E.) since 1997. Andre is trained in Crossfit, boxing, kickboxing, athletic conditioning and traditional strength and cardio regimens, as well as, running and swimming. His training motto is “Every individual is unique and has his/her own point of entry into the fitness spectrum”. He enjoys the authentic interpersonal connection of one- on- one Personal Training and the enthusiasm of Group Training. He shares with clients his joy, enthusiasm, personal attention and constant/honest communications which are essential in any trainer/client relationship. Andre feels that,” Fitness should be mental, emotional, physical and spiritual”.

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