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This month Work It! Studio is partnering with Joint Aid Management (JAM) to honor the legacy of Nelson Mandela through service to others.  JAM is a South African based humanitarian organization with a local office here in DC, dedicated to feeding children in Africa and ensuring that they have proper care and education.  Jam works to feed children and empower rural African communities through agricultural development in South Africa, Mozambique, Angola, and South Sudan.  James goal is to help africa help itself through a unique approach that looks at complete community development with a focus on women and children.  It's an investment in the citizens of tomorrow who will bring sustainable prosperity to Africa.  Please join the jam movement by considering a donation through this platform.  A little bit does so much to give poor rural communities hope and opportunity.


Click on flyer to make a donation of $5  $10 $20 to Joint Aid Management's feeding programs in South Africa? Every $60 raised feeds one child for an entire year.

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