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Please read carefully the following instructions to redeem your Groupon/Deal.  Otherwise, you may experience delays in the redemption process.   All Groupon/Deal holders must call the studio (202) 588-7363 to activate your Groupon/Deal prior to booking reservations for classes online.

*All classes MUST have a reservation*    *All Groupon/Deals are for NEW customers only.*     

*All Groupon/Deals may be subject to Restrictions *




  1. Click the Classes tab on the homepage.  

  2. Select a class by clicking Sign Up Now!  Select "New to our Site."

  3. Create a MindBody account. Complete all required fields.

  4. Call the studio with the number of classes purchased and we will enter your information.

  5. Log into Mindbody using your Username and Password that you established. 

  6. RSVP the class of your choice. 

  7. Please arrive 15 minutes before your first class, with a hard-copy of your voucher or an iPhone-accessible version and a photo ID.


NOTE: All classes are non-refundable and non- transferable.





Frequently Asked Questions


Q:  When must I use all my classes on my Groupon/Deal?
A:  Current Groupon/Deal:  10 class pass must be used in 60 days and the 20 class pass must be used in 90 days from activation.


Q:  Classes are really full.  Can I RSVP?
A:   RSVP anyway and be placed on the wait list.  If there’s a cancellation you will be move up to the list.  It is highly advised that you RSVP for all classes.  However, you cannot make multiple reservations (i.e., you cannot book all classes at once).

Q:  I registered on line for a class but cannot attend.  What can I do?
A:   We recommend a 24 hour cancellation or as soon as you know.  Go online  and cancel your attendance for that class.  If you miss the class and do not cancel, you will be charged.


Q:  It is the last day before the Groupon/Deal expires.  I would like to activate my Groupon/Deal.
A:  The expiration date refers to the date by which all classes must be used, not the date by which one can "activate" the Groupon/Deal. When you purchase the Groupon/Deal, you are getting a deeply-discounted price on classes at the studio, as a way of trying out our studio; hence you are "activating" the Groupon/Deal when you purchase its promotional value.  Generally, Groupon/Deal are good for four to six months from the date of purchase.

 Q: I have been to the studio before, but it was almost a year ago. Would I be considered a new student?

A:  No.  All Groupon/Deal are for new students only (stated in the terms and conditions on both the ad and the voucher). So, if you have taken classes before with us, then you would not be a new student and would not be eligible to use the promotional value.  Your options are ; purchase a membership, a class card or a single class.


Q:  My Groupon/Deal expired but I did not use all of the classes.  What can I do?
A:   Please email us at with the Subject Line "Expired Classes".  We will credit you the promotional value of the unused classes towards a membership, class card or single class.  You could also gift the Groupon/Deal to a friend who has never been to our studio before.

Q:  I have a friend who is coming in from out of town. Can they use one of my Groupon/Deal sessions?
A:  No. Groupon/Deal are for individual use only. Sessions cannot be shared or transferred.  Out-of-town visitors can purchase a single drop-in.


Q:  I have been out-of-town/traveling/busy at work...etc, and I have only used a handful of my classes. Is there any way I can get an extension on my Groupon/Deal?

A:  In order to be fair to all students, we cannot extend Groupon/Deal except in cases of absence due to a medical problem.  All such requests must be in writing with proof of a doctor's note to receive the extension, and must be sent to


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